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» ReMOOV™ Horn Paste
» ReMOOV™ Horn Paste


ReMOOV™ horn paste is an accurate, easy-to-use caustic paste that inhibits horn growth before it starts. The product contains a mixture of calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide in an aqueous glycerine gel. ReMOOV™ horn paste comes in a unique syringe with a special tip enabling precise application to the horn bud. Additionally, the syringe features a dial that measures out the appropriate amount of paste needed for each horn button.

Apply ReMOOV™ horn paste to calves that are 1-7 days old or as soon as horn buttons can be felt. Using a paste is less painful to the animal, less stressful to the animal and the handler, and does not have a bad burning smell like hot irons. Additionally, there is a decreased chance of bleeding and infections when paste is used.

ReMOOV™ horn paste is packaged in a 1.6 oz syringe. Each syringe can disbud up to 24 calves. Available in a box of six tubes.

BuyNowWebButton.jpg Purchase ReMOOV™ horn paste on Profit Shop, contact your local GENEX representative or call customer service at 888.333.1783.