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♦ A Cattlemen\'s Guide to Using Indexes
♦ Angus $Values Updated to Reflect Today\'s Market
♦ Brazil ... Beyond the Rainforest
♦ Building Marketing Equity in Your Herd
♦ Building Tools and Making the Case...
♦ Chute-Side Service Protocol
♦ Do More Than Pregnancy Check
♦ Effects of Stress on Embryonic Mortality
♦ EPD Terminology
♦ Genetic Defects
♦ Genex Combines Cow Sense and Science
♦ Genex Launches PregCheck Fertility Ranking
♦ Give Your Calves a Fighting Chance
♦ Insemination Technique Checklist
♦ Reproductive Management in Beef Cattle
♦ Split-Time A.I.
♦ Steps to A Successful Synchronization and A.I. Program
♦ Synchronization Protocols
♦ The A.I. Advantage
♦ The Cow and The Carcass
♦ The Importance of Synchronization Compliance
♦ The Real Value of \"Value-Added\" Programs
♦ The Test of Time (And Progeny)
♦ The Value Applied
♦ The Value of Heterosis
♦ Tools of the Trade - Eazi-Breed CIDR
♦ What I Need to Know to Use A.I. on my Ranch
♦ What Would Another 5% Be Worth?
Calves and Heifers
♦ A Smarter Way to Start
♦ Electrolyte Program Gives Calves a Healthy Start
♦ Jumpstart Calves with Push
♦ Make More Profit from Every Calf
♦ Managing Calves in Summer Heat
♦ Reduce Calf Stress with Calf Coats
Dairy Genetics
♦ A Silver Anniversary Celebration
♦ Dimensions of Diversity
♦ Don\'t be Patient with Your Genetics!
♦ Genetic Road Map: Which Direction are You Heading?
♦ Genetics Impact on Fresh Cow Issues
♦ Haplotype for Cholesterol Deficiency
♦ Haplotypes Impacting Fertility
♦ ICC$ Sub-indexes Target Management Areas
♦ Improving Dairy Income Over Feed Cost
♦ Improving Genetics Impacts Culling...
♦ Intensive Selection in Your Herd
♦ Jersey GENESIS
♦ Lifetime Production Achieved Faster
♦ Picture Perfect or Profits?
♦ USDA Updates Economic Values...
♦ What is the Ideal Commercial Cow Index?
♦ What\'s in a Name?
♦ You Get What You Pick For
Herd Management
♦ A Management Tool to Reduce Days Open
♦ Beat the Heat
♦ Controlling Somatic Cell Counts
♦ Creating a Plan for Your Business
♦ Effective Team Meetings for Repro Improvement
♦ Follow the Three C\'s of Heat Detection
♦ Female Genomic Testing Provides Insight
♦ Genex Introduces SCR Heatime System
♦ Heat Detection and So Much More
♦ Invest in Peace of Mind
♦ It\'s Easy to Say Genetics Matter...
♦ Monitor, Motivate and Manage with DPN
♦ Precision Dairy Management is Here
♦ Rapid Growth Adding Value to Dairy with Beef
♦ Risky Business
♦ Smooth Transitions with NuLife ReBOUND
♦ Sorting Through to What\'s Right for You
♦ Stay Ahead of the Game with Animal Welfare
♦ Teaching: The Lightbulb Checklist
♦ Technology Adds to Dairy Producer\'s Toolbox
♦ The Importance of Heat Detection
♦ The Power of Benchmarking
♦ What Should My Herd Replacement Rate Be?
♦ Abortion In Dairy Cattle: General Concepts
♦ Beef Synchronization Protocols
♦ Breeder Checkup Can Help Drive Repro Success
♦ Choosing a Synch Protocol
♦ Dairy Synchronization Protocols
♦ DG29 Has High Return On Investment
♦ Extending Semen for Optimal Pregnancies
♦ High-Quality Heat Detection is Vital to Success
♦ Insemination Technique Checklist
♦ Instructions for Application of EAZI-BREED CIDR
♦ Making the Difference: A.I. Success is in the Details
♦ Managing Inbreeding in the Genomic Age
♦ Managing The Estrous Cycle
♦ Measuring Repro Effectiveness
♦ People, Protocols & Teamwork
♦ Picture Perfect Technique
♦ Pocket Thaw™ - Easy Semen Thawing
♦ Preg Checks: Why Frequency and Method Matter
♦ Revisiting the Benefits of 1/4 cc Straws
♦ Semen Handling Checklist
♦ Setting & Achieving Reproductive Goals
♦ Sexed Semen: Farm data and strategies
♦ Strategies For Successful Heifer Repro
♦ Take a Planned Approach to Re-Enrolling Females
♦ Top 10 Parameters to Monitor Repro Performance
♦ When to Pregnancy Check
♦ Why Am I Not Finding Cows In Heat?
♦ Protocols to Create Pregnancies
Campylobacter and Trichomonas Testing
Farm Systems
FAN Separators
Voluntary Milking System (VMS)
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GENEX Publishes Foot Health Breeding Values
GENEX Publishes Metritis Breeding Values
GENEX Publishes Subclinical Ketosis Breeding Values
Hidden Cost of Bull Breeding
High-Density 50K for Angus
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Member Equity
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SCR Heatime for Heat Detection and So Much More
Simplifying Synchronization
U.S. Spring Beef Special
April, 2017
Heikes Recognized as Dairy Industry Leader
GENEX Recognizes Customers for Excellent Herd Genetics and Reproduction
GENEX Increases Market Share
GENEX Jersey Lineup Grows in Quantity and Quality
March, 2017
Hinrichsen joins GENEX Beef team
February, 2017
New GENEX Employees Complete Extensive Training Program
GENEX Gives to Community Organizations
January, 2017
Greene Retires, Handy Elected to GENEX Board
GENEX Sets March 31 Scholarship Deadline
December, 2016
New GENEX Employees Complete Extensive Training Program
New GENEX Sires to Drive Genetic Progress in Today’s Jersey Generation
GENEX Debuts New Holstein Sires, Updates ICC$ Index
GENEX Unveils New Brand, Logo
November, 2016
Proprietary Health Traits to be Included in ICC$ Formula Update
Genex Employees Earn Industry Awards
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